Capital supply: Private Equity Russia, Central economic region
From cash to cash

The offer of capital: Real Estate Investment Loans Bay business Private Equity

Demand for capital: Investment Property Investment and business projects Sell business

Economic Region of Russia: -> Central Central Black Soil East Siberian Far Eastern North Caucasian North-West Northern Uralian Volga Volga-Vyatka West Siberian

Oblast of region: All areas Bryansk region Ivanovo region Kaluga region Kostroma Moscow Moscow region Orel region Ryazan region Smolensk region Tula region Tver region Vladimir region Yaroslavl region

Capital supply: Private Equity Russia, Central economic region


Private equity: Russia

Areasum min, RUBsum max, RUBComments
Ivanovo region3,000,00015,000,000
Kaluga region3,000,00015,000,000
Moscow region3,000,00015,000,000
Ryazan region3,000,00015,000,000
Smolensk region3,000,00015,000,000
Tver region3,000,00015,000,000
Vladimir region3,000,00015,000,000
Yaroslavl region3,000,00015,000,000